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Protect Fishing Investments

Fishing can be expensive, especially for anglers that like using swimbaits. As some say, "swimbaits catch fishermen, not fish", and with bait makers like DRT out there we agree!

At Hook Rash Fishing Co. we offer low cost add-ons, such as Swimbait Armor, that can help keep your expensive swimbaits looking like new cast after cast (or better yet catch after catch).

Hook Rash Swimbait Armor is a self healing film applied to the swimbait's surfaces to protect the paint from Hook Rash* and minor abrasions.

We offer a variety of armor sizes and some armor is specifically cut and sized to be compatible with the most popular selling DRT baits.

The standard Swimbait Armor, which is the circle-shaped offering, can be used on many bait brands, including DRT baits. The Swimbait Specific Armor is the option specifically cut and sized and therefore compatible with DRT baits.

We like to compare our swimbait armor to a cell phone screen protector. While the screen protector helps to prevent cracks and chips on your cell phone screen, the screen protector itself can crack and chip if repeatedly dropped, which would eventually lead to you to replace the screen protector with a new screen protector. Our Swimbait Armor is very similar in that you can use the same armor cast after cast and catch after catch, but eventually there will be that big bass that puts up a good fight or you get snagged in a tough spot, and your swimbait armor will need to be replaced. You can visually see when it is time to replace the swimbait armor, just as you can see the cracks in the screen protector.

We recommend heating up the armor when you need to remove it. We use a hair dryer to do this and the heat helps soften the adhesive so you do not accidentally peel off any paint from the bait.

You can also use a hair dryer or a heat source when installing the swimbait armor as well, to help work it into any crevices and obtain ultimate adhesion on the bait!

If you have additional questions about Hook Rash Swimbait Armor please let us know.


*If you are unfamiliar with hook rash, it's when the hook rubs against your swimbait and scratches the paint.

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