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Gift guide for the fisherman or fisherwoman in your life.

In no particular order here are the top ten gifts to get the angler in your life!

  1. Hook Rash Tracers (a great stocking stuffer!)

  2. If you can find one, any DRT Swimbait is an excellent gift!

  3. If you buy a DRT swimbait or the special man or woman in your life already has one or a few, then they need swimbait armor to protect the bait from Hook Rash and other abrasions!

  4. Find the latest and most sought after fishing swag here on the underground.

  5. You can't go wrong with Hook Rash Rod Holders to help your guy or gal transport their fishing poles in any vehicle! (another great stocking stuffer!)

  6. If they own fishing poles, then you need to get them Hook Rash Rod Armor. Just like the Hook Rash Swimbait Armor the Rod Armor will protect their investment fishing poles and keep them free of hook rash and abrasions as well.

  7. Have you heard them say "Big Bass Dreams"? Simply click here and shop away! Anything found on this site will put a smile on the face of your fish loving lover!

  8. Looking to really make someone's dreams come true?! Check out Tackle Warehouse. Hook Rash items can be found on Tackle Warehouse as well. If my wife is reading this I want a new trolling motor.

  9. Stickies! Who doesn't want a new sticker for their tackle box?

  10. A boat. Any boat!

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