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The Hook Rash Starter Pack

The Hook Rash Starter Pack


The Hook Rash Starter Pack includes the Swimbait Armor Multi-Pack and a Multi-Pack of Neon Tracers. Total number of pieces in the Starter Pack is 4 armor sets + 3 tracers equally 7 pieces.


Armor Details:


Swimbait Armor is a self healing film applied to swimbaits surfaces to protect the paint from Hook Rash, and minor abrasions. Order now to protect your swimbait investments.


Multi-Pack includes: 1.5" (2 pieces), 1.25" (2 pieces), 1" (2 pieces),  0.75" (2 pieces). Quantity: 8 pieces total. Gloss Finish.


Tracer Details:


The ability to see your top water and sub-surfaces lures is very  important.

Our Swimbait Tracers are made from high quality fluorescent vinyl. The vinyl is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and uv-resistant.


Multi-Pack of tracers includes (1 piece) Yellow, (1 piece) Orange, and (1 piece) Green.

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